Who we are?

Our team; we are a visual storytellers more than photographers or filmmakers. With a squad of 52 dedicated lumiere enthusiasts, we operate from our corporate office in Cochin, the metropolitan city of Kerala and from our divisional office in Dubai.

lumiere wedding company took birth when two exceptional individuals decided to follow their passion of making your smiles, embraces, tears, in a word ‘your most special day’ stay alive, through their lenses. On 1st March 2014, Ramshad Rasheed, the mastermind entrepreneur and Vinish Thomas, the creative cinematographer united with the passion of capturing beautiful moments in film and since then we have soared high & have succeeded in creating a harmonious connection between countless hearts and our frames. In midst of all these, never in this world we imagined that Ramshad would have to say goodbye, leaving us with the most cherishing memories.

The love between two souls, two families and their friends motivates and overwhelms us. We proudly say, this inspiration has helped us to witness more than 750 small and big unions of love in a short span of 4 years, around the world.

We ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Our thirst to capture every instance of your candid expressions through your frames; to narrate every page of your love story through our eyes can never be quenched.

We simply love what we do. And that’s what we are.


Services provided :

  • Wedding photography
  • Wedding videography
  • Candid photography
  • Candid cinematography
  • Concept videography
  • Wedding Planning & Management
  • Corporate function coverage