Join hands for the excellence

We go a one step further to make your wedding day a splendid one and most precious moment of your life. Our services can be defined as the esemplastic values, producing the greatest results and aiming at bringing out the essence of the wedding story.

Wedding photography

Capturing the genuine emotions obviously needs timing and blending into those moments. While you living in the magical moments of the wedding, we wait and act in order to compose a beautiful wedding photograph of yours. The love and luck united moment of the wedding will make your heart warm and jump with joy. That will be the moment our camera is waiting for… The perception of our team is totally unique from others so documenting the all the merriments are special in our own way. We are here to preserve your cherished memories by eternalizing them with our camera lenses. We create a beautiful wedding story of yours…

Wedding videography and editing

The scenario of your wonderful nuptial must reflect all the emotions and excitement as if it is a reality. We specialize in crafting personalized films for your wedding day, incredibly and inspiringly. Lumiere wedding presents a relaxed wedding day as we will capture the day professionally and the only thing you have to do is to get married and have the great day! Immerse in each second’s joy and we will tailor your wedding film with all the emotions expressed. We believe in waving films unobtrusively with all the natural elements included. Our in-house editing suite will add the comprehensiveness to your wedding film.

Candid photography

If you have the thought of hanging a perfect picture on the wall, then you are at the right place! Our candid photography preserves the true emotions of the moment with all its vibrancies. This form of crafting will never let the wedding moments to fade into oblivion. With the touch of love and fun, every wedding day will be an exuberant festival. Our camera lens captures the little things which go unnoticed during the wedding ceremony. The stunning photos visually narrate the story well than the words. Your album will get complete only when you tell the full story and we offer you the visual story.

Candid cinematography

Candid cinematography brings the beautiful part of the wedding ceremony as it records the love-filled moments as footages. Our candid cinematography can be enjoyed as a scenario of an exquisite love poem. The wedding film would add a definite wow factor on the viewers and that makes our day! We know each second of your wedding day matters hence, we find it as an honor to catch those awesome moments. A beautiful beginning of the second phase of your life will amazingly turn into a film by us. The colors, extravaganza, and beauty constitute a superb combination, which brings a collection of unforgettable memories.

Concept Videography

The wedding is an occasion when being normal is a boring thing. The special day deserves something more than normalcy so it should be filled with creativity and extraordinary. Here comes the importance of our concept videography. Merely shooting the wedding day can be done easily. But creatively crafted wedding video is a unique specialty which requires a higher standard of creativity. Shooting your wedding day based on a concept will be magical as it will present you a visual treat. Like a theme based décor, a concept based photography or videography makes more vivid memories and beautifully narrates your story as well.

Drone& Jib services

Make use of technology in order to craft a wonderful wedding story. Create a breathtaking memory of your D day with our in-house drone photographers and videographers. With the footages of your ostentatious wedding ceremony, we create marvelous wedding memories which will be unforgettable for you. The flying machine can capture awesome aerial views of your flamboyant wedding ceremony. They will offer you an outstanding perspective of the ceremony. Our professionals will be happy to come to your nuptials and they ensure both safety and taking breathtaking photos or videos. The final result will enthrall your expectations and make you feel more excited!

Wedding album designing

On your anniversary day, sit together with your wedding album and recall all the loving moments together. You will look at the images and will think it was the best day happened to you! We will customize your album with a range of designs and eye-catching colors. Without any extraneous subjects, the images themselves tell the magical love story of yours. Just turn the pages and see how the album narrates your stories in a sequence. The album will be the most amazing souvenir of your halcyon days of love, keeping the memories of your wedding day vividly. Be your wedding album a treasure chest of beautiful memories.

Corporate function coverage

Our portfolio includes world-class event coverage without any compromising on elegance. We will never miss any moments of functions and our live camera lenses will never fail in covering every second’s story. Including business events, all sorts of functions are safe in our hands producing the best. Along with the photography-videography coverage, live-streaming with editing facility also featured by us. Our complete focus is on documenting the best event coverage combining every key moment of the occasion. We follow the candid style for covering the events as a large number of people gather in all events. We will make major entertaining events into a great success using some techniques and with our live camera lenses.